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“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop”

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to help people building enduring physical and spiritual discipline par excellence.

For over 20 years in various continents and dozens of countries, I was blessed to train hundreds of people to gain self-consciousness and genuine love through energizing them with a unique combination of meditational self-awareness and high-performance martial arts movements.

In that path, with their love, hearts, perception and enduring commitment to embrace their uniqueness, I brightly become to see what matters most. Unique and bestowed as we are in the wise words of Rumi….

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop”

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Ambassador of Halo-Supplements

Ambassador of Halo-Supplements’s pristine, ultra-nutritious and superbly vitalizing wild marine collagen.
Soon selectively available.

In my 20-years search to vitalizing nutritious dietary supplements, I came across many more or less praised health- and vitality products with various outcomes. Effectively, none of them came even close to the pureness and effectiveness of this marine collagen. After enrolling in a trial-program and experiencing how it improved my overall-health condition, physics and appearance, I came to know this is a highly unique and superbly nutritious marine collagen formula. Undoubtedly, this would be the one of a million items to say: 

‘do not think, just take it!’

Why? Pure naturally and cruelty free gained, it inhabits a pristine balance of Amazon-bed fed wild-marine collagen sources enriched with 100% biologic plant and algae powders. The purity and  ombination of its ingredients serve to optimize the bio-availability of its high content  of collagen. It channels its highly-nutritious amino-acid content just there were your body requires recovery most layer by layer. Those who tried experienced remarkable physical improvements within just days to two weeks! Not to speak about the change in visual rejuvenating appearance they have undergone.

Both woman and men love it

Proud to be ambassador of this highly energetically vitalizing marine collagen.
Bio-chemically measures (by S.G.S.) indicate that Halo-Supplements’ marine collagene, being derived from pristine marine sources, is
– Ultra-nutritious;
– Very sound and high in amino-acid content,

And contains:
– Very high content of (only) Type 1 collagen (35 and 60%)!!;
– Very high-content of protein (+ 90%!);
– Incredible high Bovis-values, for each of the products reaching respectively 134.800 and 165.000!!!!

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